K. J. Bagnall

Writer. Editor. Illustrator. Mental Health Activist. Christian.


Hey there, thanks for visiting my Portfolio page! From here you can have a look at some of my writing and illustration projects. It’s a little lonely in here at the moment, but as I get my life together and find a nice work-creativity balance it should fill up quickly.

Writing Portfolio

Currently, for my public writing portfolio, I have my short memoir piece “Asking After The Mentally Unwell”. For those following my blog, it was first published by Writer’s Edit in their Kindling III anthology in November 2016. The anthology is a beautiful and inspiring collection and I would like to encourage all to consider purchasing a copy.

Writer’s Edit Kindling III Anthology image via Writer’s Edit

Short Memoir Pieces

Asking After The Mentally Unwell (2016)

Illustrated Portfolio

I haven’t actually written much about my visual art side in my blog. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why. My illustrated portfolio has two sections: illustrated stories and artwork. So far I have one entry in each, a short story called “Anastasia and the Butterfly”, which I’m hoping to make into a series called “Insect Maidens”, and a digital artwork of an angel.

A quick shout-out to Clip Studio Paint, my preferred art program. Not only more economical than the typical Adobe products, but provides exactly what I need for illustrating stories and standalone art.

Illustrated Stories

Anastasia and the Butterfly (2016)


Angel (2016)