K. J. Bagnall

Writer. Editor. Illustrator. Mental Health Activist. Christian.


Who am I?

You have twenty questions. Okay, start!

Well, it was worth a try, but I guess we’ll have to do it the usual way:

Hey there! My name is Kyla Bagnall, and I’m an university student studying Creative and Professional Wiring, Japanese language, and Interactive and Visual Design.

I am an aspiring author and illustrator. My favourite genre is fantasy, which I have to credit to Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest books (still sitting on my bookshelf). I also like to dabble in speculative and literary fiction. After an amazing time interning with University of Queensland Publisher (UQP), I discovered a passion for editing.

In 2015 I also started regularly contributing to Writers Edit, an online blog with great tips and information for all things writing and publishing. Be sure to check them out!

I’m also a self-proclaimed mental health activist. My accomplishments so far include being very open on social media and face-to-face, plus a few¬†awareness cartoons. As a young child I went through therapy for anxiety. I don’t remember much of it, but it must’ve worked because at one point I stopped.

But at 15 I had to start seeing a psychologist again after my favourite, awesome beautiful mum had a breakdown and was hospitalised for severe depression. Since then, she’s also been diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD while I had a couple of years of reactive depression and lots of anxiety-managing training.

According to statistics, I have the rarest personality type: INFJ. So, I guess that makes me interesting? You decide! If you have no idea what INFJ means, it’s the same personality as Hitler and Gandhi. So yeah. Oh, and Frodo Baggins! Basically INFJ seem pretty normal, until we decide to do something potentially earth-shattering and then, well, stay out of our way.

What’s with the fox, the owl and the bunny?

I’ve been thinking of creating a blog years before I actually got around to it. One of the things that always stumped me was: what would it be about? Would it be a blog for all my writing and drawing? A blog to express my love for Jesus? A blog to discuss and share the realities of mental illness?

I couldn’t choose between the three until I realised that I could do a blog about me, and have all three significant aspects of my life on it! Three parts of me combined with three favourite animals I can’t quite manage to chose between; hey-presto!

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